High Trails Cyclery


It’s no secret that cycling is probably the cheapest way to get around any city. It’s also an immense benefit to your health and the environment.

Once you have purchased your bike, all that remains is routine maintenance. The best way to reduce service costs is to keep on top of it. Regular check ups and routine maintenance will save you money as opposed to waiting until everything is worn out and you receive a service quote that could have bought you a new bike. The other benefit of constant care is that you will always have a bike that’s working efficiently.

Here at High Trails, we off a range of services to suit any customer with any bike, whatever your budget. Our qualified and highly skilled mechanics are always happy to suggest the most appropriate and cost effective repairs for your bike. After which they will carry out those repairs to the highest standard.

So whether you need your bike tuned for a race or ready to deal with another six months of commuting, why not stop in and get a free quote.


  • Adjust front and rear brakes (Cable tension, pads, spring tension)
  • Adjust front and rear derailleurs (Cable tension, limit screws, position, lube pivots)
  • Check all bolts to torque
  • Inflate tires to pressure
  • Lubricate Chain

Additional labor charges will be added to fit any parts or accessories under this level of service.

This level of service is ideal for that bike that has been sitting in the garage for months unused. It’s also perfect if you are looking for the piece of mind that the crucial aspects of your bicycle are working correctly and most importantly, safely!

Our qualified and skilled mechanics will inspect and adjust the main components of your bike to ensure your gears are going to get you up all of San Francisco’s hills, and your brakes are going to stop you on the way down!

EXPERT: $80.00

  • Adjust front and rear brakes (Cable tension, pads, spring tension)
  • Adjust front and rear derailleurs (Cable tension, limit screws, position, lube pivots)
  • Adjust bottom bracket
  • Adjust front and rear hubs
  • Adjust headset
  • True front and rear wheels
  • Clean frame and wheels
  • Check all bolts to torque
  • Inflate tires to pressure
  • Lubricate chain

Any parts or accessories fitted will increase the labor charge.

If your bike is your main mode of transportation, it is important that you be able to rely on it to get you from A to B, day after day. At least one expert service annually is a great way to ensure your bike will keep going year after year. Our mechanics will inspect the entire bicycle making any necessary adjustments to maintain and improve the overall performance of your bike.

EXPERT & CLEAN: $160.00

  • Carry out and Expert Service +
  • Remove and Clean:
    • Chain set and Chain rings
    • Casette/Freewheel/Sprocket
    • Chain
    • Front Derailleur
    • Rear Derailleur
    • Front and Rear Brakes
  • Bottom Bracket

No extra Labor charge to install parts.

The expert level of service covers the main aspects of the bike affected by everyday use. Paired with a drivetrain clean, it is a great value option to ensure you are getting the most out of your transmission components with regard to performance and lifespan.

The dirt, grit and grime that accumulates around these parts will dramatically increase the rate at which they wear out, in addition to having a negative effect on how they perform.

The Expert and Clean is a great preventative measure against this.

In addition to the expert service, all drivetrain components will be removed, inspected and thoroughly cleaned using a parts washer and serviced individually before being appropriately lubricated and re-installed. There is no additional labor to install any new parts under this level of service. It’s a great opportunity to treat your bike to a new set of cables and have it returned to you gleaming like new, with all your gears functioning at their optimum level.

OVERHAUL: $220.00

  • Carry out, Expert and Clean +
  • Remove, clean, inspect and service the following parts before appropriately lubricating and re-installing as per spec (to torque)
  • Bottom Bracket
  • Hub Bearings (Front and Rear)
  • Headset Bearings

No additional labor charges for installing any parts.

The ultimate birthday present for your bike. Whether you want your race bike tuned to perfection or your everyday workhorse serviced to the highest standard possible, this service is a great way to show your bike some serious TLC.

The overhaul leaves no stone unturned. On top of the expert and clean, the bottom bracket, headset and hubs will be thoroughly cleaned, inspected for wear and re-installed with new grease. This level of service is a great value. If you want your bike to feel like it did the day you bought it, then this is the service for you.